A 10KNTS Compact Bag dissected.



All the parts from left to right and from top to bottom.


Shoulder strap.

Nylon tab to attach shoulder strap to.

Metal shoulder strap hardware.

Side and bottom panel.

Front panel.

Nylon tab.

Magnetic closure.

Back panel and flap made up out of: Waxed canvas, closed cell foam, high density plastic, open cell foam, reinforcement and inner lining.

Nylon piping.

The Insert bag. Camera protection for in your favorite bag.

We get the question every now and then why the 10KNTS Insert Bag does not have a strap.

We left it off because the Insert Bag is designed to be used in a normal backpack, shoulder bag or handbag. Sometimes you just want to take out your favorite bag that is not designed to protect a camera.

This is when the Insert bag comes in very handy! Just put your camera gear in the Insert Bag and slip it into your normal bag. Super stealthy because no one will know you have a camera in your bag. On top of that your camera gear is protected from bumps and mishaps, just like in a normal camera bag.



Surf’s up!

After being picked up by quite a few photography magazines here in the Netherlands, 6 Surf magazine and Motion Windsurf magazine also mention 10KNTS camera bags. We have a small add in the 6 Surf magazine also :)

10KNTS camera bags are also great for taking your GoPro camera and accessories.


Photo Festival Naarden

The Photo Festival Naarden is one of the most well known festivals related to photography in the Netherlands.
Situated in the old fortress town of Naarden the exposition locations are in churches, outside on the fortified walls and in several galleries.
In our opinion a must visit if you have the chance. The festival will be held until the 23rd of June

Foto festival Naarden

10KNTS is international!

The great people at Top Foto in Switserland have added 10KNTS to their already impressive webshop!
Go and check it out by clicking on the link below.

10KNTS in the magazines.

We had a great couple of weeks here at 10KNTS!


First of all we have been picked up and mentioned in a few Dutch magazines., Photo Digitaal and Chip Foto Video are some of them and are on the shelves right now. Go and pick one of them up.



Last weekend was awesome since we were at the bevrijdingsfestival (Liberation festival) here in Amsterdam on the Westergasterrein. We had a stall with all the 10KNTS bags and reactions from people walking by were great. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to have a chat and especially the people who bought a 10KNTS bag.


10KNTS can now be found in quite a few shops here in the Netherlands.

If you want to see our bags in real life before you buy check out this page. You can find all the retailers who have 10KNTS in stock!


And last but not least. We’d like to thank all the people who bought a 10KNTS bag You guys and gals are awesome!

There is an article about 10KNTS on  (Dutch only). If you hurry you can still win one of the bags that are up for grabs!

Schermafbeelding 2013-03-18 om 17.25.43


Hello there!

As you can see we are live with the website. We would like invite you to browse around and see our 10KNTS products right here

If you have any questions, feedback or anything else to share, please feel free to contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

Also, check out our Facebook page for all kinds of news about 10KNTS.